Alexa Capcha code image expired

How do I force the Home Assistant Alexa Integration to refresh the captcha code image without having to restart Home Assistant?

I go ahead and enter a captcha code even though I have no idea what it is, it fails, and then it provides me with a new captcha image that I can actually see

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Thank you for your help. I’ve done that in the past… when I do that, I HAVE to enter a successful captcha code. Otherwise, the integration would continue to not work.

This time (before I saw your response) I just restarted Home Assistant… the integration was fully operational after that. I didn’t have to enter a captcha code; and, the respective notification had also cleared. It’s as if it never happened after a restart.

I’m curious if there’s a quicker\easier way to clear up this issue without having to restart Home Assistant or without having to enter captcha codes twice.
Maybe there’s a service call or console command I can type to restart the Integration?

Maybe, there’s an automation I can make to automatically restart the Alexa Integration as if I restarted Home Assistant?