Alexa Cloud: automations to routines

I have the cloud service, and in HA I have various automations/triggers that alert me like low temperatures. I want Alexa to speak when these triggers fire in HA.

These are exposed to Alexa, and show up in the Alexa app. But when I try to create a new routine off them, they do not show up.

What am I missing, how can I make Alexa routines off HA triggers? I do have State Reporting on.

There are few different things mixed up in there. You can make Alexa speak by using the notification portion of the alexa_media_player custom component. Here’s a simple script that I use to notify me that someone is at my front door:

      - data:
          message: "Front Door"
            type: announce
        service: notify.alexa_media_living_room

Creating a new Alexa routine based on a trigger in Home Assistant evidently requires a very specific device configuration as described here. I don’t have any devices exposed that way and I see no devices available to use as triggers for Alexa routines.