Alexa commands docs?

Hi everybody,

I am using the paid nabu-casa service to integrate all my alexa devices into Home Assistant. However, currently all that works Is “alexa, turn on/off deviceX”.

Back when I used node-red as my alexa “hub”, I was able to “alexa, roomX to Y degrees” and it’d control my climate entity. This does not seem to work atm.

It’d also be really awesome to ask “alexa, is roomX door open?” (or “reed status doorX” or similar). I was not or to find documentation on this anywhere. Did I miss it, or isn’t there any (yet)?

What do you use your alexa for besides toggling switches/lights? Btw., those two commands work as well (but are also light related) “alexa, lightA to numberN” to control brightness and “alexa , lightA colorC” to change light color.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: