Alexa component is pretty easy to set up

I just wanted to mention this - If you’ve got an Amazon Alexa and you’ve already set up SSL and dynamic DNS (@brusc has a great tutorial here) , you should really give the Amazon component a try. You’ve already done the hard part. Once you see how it works and do some initial setup, it’s really easy to do your own thing.

Some stuff that I was able to create quickly:

  • Ask Home Assistant to wake up [NAME] - I used the ideas from the script demo from the forum and made a wakeup script for each family member
  • Ask HA what song is playing - A bit of templating combined with info from media_player. Reply comes directly from the Alexa
  • Ask HA to play [playlist name] - similar to my “play random songs” post but with control over what playlist loads (using if/else in templates to pick the right playlist to load)
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I am happy to hear this! I tried and got stuck in the SSL; couldn’t connect via anything while it was ‘on’ so just reverted back to try another day.