Alexa conversation/dialog


I’m working on my Alexa connection with HA on Rpi. The HA is responding of the defines intents in skill. My problem is that I must start every time a HA comannd with “Alexa ask HA …”

How can I implement a solution, e.G first saying “Open HA”. Than shall I be able to give HA commands. When I’m done, I want to say “Alexa stop” and the HA skill is closed.

Or I would like to have some dialogs like:
Me: “Alexa, I’m cold”
Alexa: “The temperature in living room is 20 degree” Shall I incresease it?
Me: Yes, with 5 degree.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!

Best regards,

That’s more of an alexa question than hass, but I don’t think it can do that. That is what the hass cloud does though, and no it is not easy to duplicate that functionality yourself, involves creating your own lambda cloud to handle the smarthome intents.

Thanks Tod, I understand. Unfortunatelly the HA skill isn’t supported in Germany…