Alexa Custom Skill Account linking Issue. No Debug Logs

Hi All,
I am facing an issue with the custom alexa skill integrations. I followed the steps provided here (Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill - Home Assistant) with a small change of using my custom purchased TLS Certificate (Comodo Positive SSL) for my custom domain ( I have configured the ssl certificate to the home assistant properly. I am able to view my home assistant instance on internet with proper certificate. While trying to enable my custom skill on the alexa app, i am successfully redirected to the home assistant login page and i am able to login thru it as well. However, after login to home assistant i get redirected to a page saying “We were unable to link xxx at this time.”. Can some one please help me debug this issue with account linking. I have enabled the alexa logs like this

default: info
# log level for HA core
homeassistant.core: fatal
homeassistant.components.alexa: debug

I can see in the Supervisor Logs: “WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.api.proxy] Unknown Home Assistant API access!”
But don’t see any logs with related to alexa. Stuck on this for 4-5 days now.

Anyways, i found the issue. The issue was with the custom certificate pem file. I had to include the full chain and then add it to the home assistant instead of just the leaf certificate.