Alexa Custom Skill did not work, can't find the error

Hi all,

i have configured the Alexa Custom Skill as describet here: Amazon Alexa Custom Skill - Home Assistant

All smart home features are working well (lights on/off, etc). But if i try to start a script via Alexa voice command it does not work. Either in HA or Alexa development console are errors.

Only Alexa says: I am unfortunately not sure of anything.

What can i do to make it work?
Where can i find logs?
What and where can i check something?

Thanks a lot!

Cheers LordShelmchen

Current faulty code, expected result, printscreens, … these are example of very welcoming details to help you find out the problem.

Oh, i did not see the answer, i’m sorry for that!

The problem was solved in another topic: Alexa Custom Skill do not start HA Script and i do not know why - #6 by LordShelmchen