Alexa Devices in Home Assistant


I’ve previously been using the Alexa Media Player integration via HACS for TTS through my Alexa speakers / devices. I’ve been interested in Nabu Casa for a little while, not to mention its built-in TTS capabilties.

Today I signed up to Nabu Casa and removed the Alexa Media Player custom integration. However since doing that I can’t seem to get the Nabu Casa TTS working.

None of my Alexa speakers (devices) are showing in Home Assistant and so when trying TTS (tts.cloud_say), they’re not showing as available devices / entities. I can’t recall whether Alexa devices do show in Home Assistant as standard but I’m keen to get Nabu Casa TTS up and running.

Am I missing / forgetting something or is the standard TTS for Nabu Casa still through the Alexa Media Player custom integration? I’ve been adding / removing the Alexa / Home Assistant skill in hope that it was related to that and countless reboots, but not sure what I’m missing.


You still need the custom integration.

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The standard integrations don’t allow for TTS to an Alexa device that’s why AMP exists. Nabu Casa changes nothing.

Okay thanks both. I guess I’m surprised that Nabu Casa advertises TTS off the back of a custom integration but not a massive issue - I’ll set it back up.

Thanks again

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