Alexa devices

Hi all,
It Is possible to see and manage the devices linked to my Alexa account from home assistant?

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I’m also looking for a solution to this. I have a Schlage Encode deadbolt that I would like to integrate with home assistant.

I have integrated all my devices using the Hue emulation. My Z-Wave devices are linked through a Vera Plus and its integration, but it’s pretty much serving as a Z-Wave node only. I also have Wemo and Kasa devices connected, along with their integrations.

The Hue has to be installed manually as part of configuration.yaml, but it can access any switch or light entity in HA. The only limitation is that it doesn’t handle dimmers; devices need to be binary lights/switches. (This might have changed; I don’t need the dimming features for my setup.)

With the exception of an occasional ‘lapse of memory’ on the part of Alexa, everything works great. I have absolutely zero issues with controlling the devices through HA.