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Hi there,

Firstly, I am a relative beginner to HA, apologies if this question is one that there is info on (I’ve had no success in my searching both here and on the wider web, perhaps I am not using the right wordings?)

I am using my echo plus as a hub to connect a number of my smart home devices which cannot be directly linked with HA. (Eg. Govee light strips of which I have 4)

I am controlling them with HA using Node Red. Is there a way that I can get these devices to show in my Ha overview in a similar way to my other lights (ie. Ikea Phillips or Lifx)?


I don’t really understand this part

You can use template lights and stuff.

OK Let me try and explain. Let’s say I have a my hallway light and it is a tradfri light (so it shows as an entity) and an office light which does not have an integration with HA.

Right now, if that hallway is turned on, my office light turns on. If it is turned off, office light turns off etc.

There must be a more straight-forward way to set this up so I could control the non-integrated devices as entities…maybe template lights is the answer. I actually tried to follow a guide on them last night but I messed up somewhere along the way as HA tells me the dummy device is not available. DOH!

You can use alexa media player:
Just curious, what are the lights that you can’t link to HA?

I’ll check that out now, thanks. I’ve a number of Govee smart strips, and a good few bulbs that i’ve linked with tuya (I have others with smartlife and I can only integrate one tuya/smartlife instance), I’ve a couple of Philips hue’s (using Echo + as hub).

Also see

For future searchers. I have solved this quite easily using input boolean for each of the entities I am unable to integrate.

Next I need to figure out how to get those entities to dim/brighten

Resources for adding directly to HA

As for Tuya, you’ll have to unpair/repair