Alexa discovers Switches but Home Assistant doesn't

Hello and thank you for reading and even more for your suggestions.

I am proud of how far I’ve come without having to post a question. I created my first Alexa Wemo switch, using a ESP8266 and Kakopappa’s Aleza Wemo github

I created first switch, “Fan Light”, once I uploaded the sketch Alexa discovered it on first try, and when I checked Home Assistant “overview” the switch was listed. This was the ESP8266 with the code same as above.

Once first switch was stable (fan light), i was able to turn on and off via Alexa and via Home Assistant dashboard

I then created a second switch, “LivingRoom”. To this ESP8266 I added a sensor touch button. When I upload the sketch the touch sensor works as expected, and Alexa also discovers it on the first try. I can turn light on and off with Alexa or by using the sensor touch. However Home Assistant doesn’t discover it at all.

I created a third switch, “LED test”, and same result, I can turn it on and off with Alexa (discovered at first try).

So at this point with Alexa I can control 3 different switches, one of them has a touch sensor attached that works as expected. However Home Assistant only sees one of them.

For the “LivingRoom” switch I did make a couple of changes to see if it would work but it didn’t. I changed a digit on the serial number, I changed a digit on the PSTR on this line sprintf_P(uuid, PSTR(“38323636-4558-4dda-9188-cda0e6%02x%02x%02x”),

I am a total noob, but I am guessing that all 3 switches are using the same ID that Home Assistant looks at, hence only shows one, but Alexa doesn’t look at that ID hence it doesn’t care that all 3 are the same.

Anyhow, I assume my guess is wrong and hoping one of your great minds might shade some light to what is going on

SOLVED! For those that might have the same problem, it seems if you just flash the same code, and just change the Friendly name (ie “TV” to something else like “Fan Light”) and wifi credentials, Alexa will recognize the different switches just by the unique friendly name.

Home Assistant doesn’t recognize it as a different switch just because of different name. The work around that solved the issue for me was to change the last two digits of the serial number. On the code there is a line 221517K0101768 I changed the 68 to 57 and uploaded the sketch. Restarted and the new switch was listed!