Alexa discovery failure

I have been using Alexa with emulated hue on port 8300 with great success until today when I tried to discover new devices. All existing devices are working normally (albeit showing offline). All the devices are showing up under:

http://<HA IP Address>:8300/api/pi/lights

Restarted home assistant, upgraded from 52.1 to 54 and still no discovery in Alexa. Any help appreciated.

I’m also having this problem with exactly the same symptoms. It may be a breaking change between versions

Got my Alexa discovery working again. I had type: google_home specified in the configuration (a previous version of HASS complained that it must be specified). So it seem going back to the basic config specified here resolved Alexa discovery.

And after making this change, HASS started complaining about changing emulated_hue to emulated_hue_hidden in my config.

Glad to hear you’re sorted.

Does show though that users must read the release notes before updating as those bits were mentioned. If skipping a number of updates you need to read the release notes for all the versions you skipped too to see if there is anything relevant to your setup mentioned in them, especially the breaking changes section.