Alexa does not trigger blink doorbell routine

I made a script in homeassistant, that makes my blink doorbell take a photo and send it as an actionable notification to my smartphone.
I exposed the script to the alexa app using emulated hue.
In Alexa, I created a routine that waits for somebody pressing the doorbell and then triggers the script.

I can maually trigger the routine and the notification arrives at my smartphone. However, when I press the doorbell button, the routine is not triggered.

It worked before (unreliably but whatever). Then, I tried to improve it, but obviously I made it worse. I guess that Blink skill has something to do with it. When it was still working, I deactivated the skill. Now I cannotre- activate it. The error message says that the account could not be linked. The alexa app needs to be updated.
However, I just updated the app.

Can anybody help?