Alexa DTF (Dynamic Timed Functions)

Hi there!

Something that’s really been missing for me over the years is to be able to use voice commands to do dynamic automations based on time, for example:

Turn {on} the {AC} in {1 hour}
Set the {bedroom AC} to {25} in {6 hours}.
Turn {off} the {computer} in {3 and a half hours}
Turn {off} the {TV} in {20 minutes}.

I searched around and even opened a topic regarding this but couldn’t find anything (if you know of any other solutions, let me know)
So I made one myself:

Any Alexa device, connected to HomeAssistant (so external https access enabled)
Amazon Alexa developer account (free)
Node-Red addon installed (with HomeAssistant component)

Difficulty: Low-Medium

That’s it
Instruction in the GitHub: GitHub - nirkons/alexadtf: Alexa dynamic times functions for HomeAssistant

Note that you may need to make specific changes to your setup, but all in all it should work generically
LMK what you think :slight_smile:

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Very good application, I was looking for something like this for a while. Do these commands work for any language?, I tried commands in Portuguese and alexa responds positively, but nothing happens.

Hmm I haven’t tried it with other languages other than English actually, but I dont see why it wont be able to support it maybe with a few tweaks,
first off you can verify that the requests are coming through, activate the debug node here and then make a request from the alexa skill, what do you get on the debug?