Alexa, enable script WITHOUT saying "turn on"


Sometimes my cat (Nero) sneeks in through an open door/window and therefore his presence is incorrect in HA as he doesn’t return through his smart CatFlap.

I have a script that updates his device tracker through the device_tracker.see service but the wife doesn’t like “Alexa, turn on Nero is home”

Anyway, for it to work with “Alexa, Nero is home”

I know it’s daft…

With the alexa app, you can create an Alexa routine.
You can setup “When this happens” (trigger) to a voice input of “Nero is home”.

Then you need to add an action in the routine that causes a change the state of the device tracker. This depends on your alexa implementation. Mine is mostly through node red so I can’t help you on this part.

Action is to turn on the script - perfect!

Out of interest, is there anyway to do this is HA?