Alexa Friendly Names

Hi All,

Will there a possible way to add a friendly_name sort of config for devices that has been added in Alexa?
For Homekit there is homebridge_name: but want this also for Alexa?
I know its using the friendly_name but want give it a different name then in HA

This depends on how you are connecting home assistant to alexa. Most of the platforms that do this have a way of changing the name exposed to alexa.

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Make use of the haaska way. Create some things on Amazon Developer page and AWS Console.

Then follow the docs here:

but instead of putting the configuration in this section


place it in this section


You can use my configuration as a guide if you don’t understand.

Thanks. Let me try this part:

        name: Master Fan
        name: Audio One

In the Alexa.yaml

I don’t make use of the nabucasa cloud.

I know, which means you didn’t understand what I said when I said:

Sorry sometimes im feel stupid

Figure it out. Also able to change display_categories: for some entities… Thanks!