Alexa/Google home and WLED

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Hi there how do i get Alexa or Google Home to communicate with Home assistant via to tell Wled to change colours or effects

As i understand it, as the integration doesn’t support presets yet, i guess the only route would be WLED through MQTT and setting up preset scripts/scenes that alexa can see through Nabu Casa or Haaska.

Ok thank you

This sounds interesting any guides on doing this.

Dr Zzz has a video that shows the mqtt usage of WLED.

No Need for MQTT, mine auto discovered.

Yes but the integration doesn’t include presets which would be an easiest road to create something alexa could use. But you could create scripts (that alexa would see as scenes) with wled.effect service for effects and light templates for selecting the color.

Something like this

  alias: WLED to red wipe
  icon: mdi:led-strip-variant
  mode: single
  - data:
      color_name: red
    entity_id: light.wled
    service: light.turn_on
  - delay: 00:00:02
  - data:
      effect: Wipe
    entity_id: light.wled
    service: wled.effect

But I wouldn’t do it for more than a couple. At some point I guess the integration will pull the presets too.

Are you sure, checked services.

My Alexa Haaska Integration does control a least brightness and effect

And color. I just showed a script how to use effects with color and works fine.
But your personal presets (with color, pallets, intensity, effects, speed) are created in WLED and would be much easier if the integration pulled them in HA too. That is the only reason to use MQTT. But if you want to make a couple of sets manually, yes you could with scripts and Alexa through Haaska would see them.