Alexa, home assistant, smartthings


I am very new to home assistant and I just wanted some integration starter tips.

Now I have a smartthings hub, alexa, home assistant and smartlife.

I just wanted some tips on the best way to integrate everything.

I first had everything integrated into smartthings then added smartthings to both Alexa and home assistant. This worked but as soon as I integrated home assistant and alexa I had duplicate devices. As expected. With this method the alexa command to action taking place was instant.

I then though that I should integrate everything directly to home assistant then just integrate home assistant to alexa. This worked and all my devices appeared. The only problem is when I do a command in alexa it’s about a second and half delay before action. I went into home assistant and the link between HA and smart things devices is instant. So the delay is between Alexa and HA.

I am now thinking that I should not link ha and alexa and integrate smart things with both Alexa and Home Assistant as reaction time woukd be faster.

Any tips on the best way to move forward woukd be much appreciated.

There are lots of questions answered here.
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