Alexa integration and losing authentication regularly

About every week, my Alexa integration stops working (ie, Alexa doesn’t speak through Home Assistant automation anymore ) and I have to re-enter my email, password, MFA and capcha. Is this normal? I’m using to tie my Amazon account to Home Assistant if it matters.

I assume you are using the custom Alexa Media Player integration?

If so then yes it’s normal.

The alexa integration in Nabu Casa is completely different and independent of the Alexa Media Player custom integration.

You can have one or the other or both and each one will work without the other installed.

Thanks for the answer. What does one has that the other doesn’t? From what I can tell, without the custom Alexa Media Player integration (ie, just with, I can’t have Home Assistant ‘talk’ through my Echo devices.

It’s annoying though that I keep having to re-authenticate for it to work. I notice it’s no longer authenticated when my Echo devices are no longer reacting to what Home Assistant is telling them to say.

Yes, that’s the only thing that integration does.

The other integration only allows you to talk to your echo’s to get them to do things via HA.

The Alexa Media Player integration does include an event that you can use to send a notification (obviously not via TTS) that it needs re-authenticated. At least that way you won’t be caught by surprise.

  - alias: TTS Login Required
      - platform: event
        event_type: alexa_media_player_relogin_required
      - service: input_boolean.turn_on
        entity_id: input_boolean.tts_alexa_relogin_required

I removed the alexa media player integration due to this. I’ve not even managed to use it at all in the 3 weeks it’s been installed, but have been forced to change my password around 8 times, which means then logging back into shopping apps, video apps on tvs and alexa app on phones and tablets

Why are you forced to change your password? logging back in to Amazon for the integration doesn’t require you to change any passwords. you just use the already existing password and your 2FA.

I have no idea. All I know is that when HA notifies me that it needs reauthenticating, which was every 3 or 4 days, I’d enter my details, wait for the 2fa code, enter that, and the captcha code, then it would tell me that forgotten password page was detected and 8 need to check Amazon.

Go to Amazon, on the same browser, and I get forced to change my password, wait for the 2fa code, and enter a new password.

This then stops alexa app working on my phone, so I try to enter the details, but it takes me straight to another create new password page, and I have to repeat the process

All if this has only happened since installing the alexa integration within HA, so, I’ve deleted it, as I’ve yet to get a single thing working between my alexa and HA

Have you tried to get help from or filed a bug report with the authors of the integration?

I have the same problem after my Alexa integration worked well for several weeks. I’m using Nabu Casa.


I’ve had this issue before. Amazon notices the login attempts and forces you to change password.