Alexa Integration - Cloud or Developer Setup?

Ok, I’m now officially confused.

I have an Alexa (original Echo, if that changes anything). I want to integrate it into HA for voice control of automation scripts, devices, etc. I’ve added cloud to configuration.yaml. I’ve activated the HA app within the Alexa website.

However, the HA website has what appears to be two approaches to integrating the Alexa. First, under components, it provides a way to create custom commands for the Alexa to query information from HA as seen here: Then there is a page that talks about how cloud can do all of the Alexa stuff implying I don’t have to do the intents, as seen here: So, I obviously like the latter for simplicity. My confusion is, do I have to do both? Or is the components page only for custom non-out-of-the-box Alexa commands?

I also have a question about adding Alexa as a media player device. Is this even possible? HA doesn’t seem to identify the Alexa as any particular device.

For the first question, go to the very obvious link on the Home Assistant home page which will explain everything.


For the second, try the magnifying glass at the top of this page, the same thing was already asked and answered this week but to make it even easier for you the answer is ‘No’.

Thanks. I missed that link when I was looking.