Alexa integration - combining switches and a sensor to a single name


I have a few switches and a temperature sensor in a room.
I’m trying to have Alexa support all the following:

  1. What’s the temperature in bedroom? (Alexa.TemperatureSensor)
  2. Turn bedroom off (Alexa.PowerController)
  3. Turn bedroom on (Alexa.PowerController)

I could have only achieved either TemperatureSensor (exposing the sensor entity) or PowerController (exposing switch entity, or group), but not both.
When I use the same name for both devices, Alexa complains about it.


I ran into the same issue recently when adding devices to Alexa. My workaround for the moment is to give lights a very specific name like “Living Room Lights”, “Living Room Ambient Lights”, “Living Room Ceiling Lights” and the temperature sensor just uses the room name, in this example “Living Room”. Not sure though if this is going to work well in the long term when adding more and more devices.

At first, I called the temperature sensor “Living Room Temperature”, but then the conversation with Alexa goes a bit awry:
Q: “Alexa, what’s the living room temperature?”
A: “The living room temperature temperature is 20 degrees.”

Are there any good practices for naming devices to work well with Alexa?