Alexa Integration installation help

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Hi. Can anyone help with the strange issue i seem to have installing the alexa integration. The setup configuration pops up but is blank and I am having to gues what I need to input in each field. The first pop up appears straight forward as I think it just asks for the Alexa email and password. The next step is where I am having trouble as i think its asking for a Captcha code but as there is no text shown it is impossible to get past this step!!
From the pictures you can see my issue much more clearly.
step 1

Step 2

Change your theme for the setup. Seems like its a problem of dark font color on dark background


I have tried using a different browser along with the original theme. Still have the same problem.

Thanks for the idea though!

have you tried refreshing your browser/clearing the cache (ctrl-F5 on chrome)?