Alexa integration over Cloudflare CDN without Nabu Casa

Hi, I´m trying to integrate Alexa into a Home Assistant that I have installed on a Raspberry Pi 4.
I have my domain on Cloudflare and I am using a certificate provided by Cloudflare for the connection over HTTPS.
I have done as indicated in this thread
I have also followed several Youtube tutorials and I still can’t get the integration right, as the Lambda function returns an error and I don’t know how to fix it. I can’t link my account with the skill from the Alexa APP.

This is my code for the Lambda function:

import os
import json
import logging
import urllib3

_debug = bool(os.environ.get('DEBUG'))

_logger = logging.getLogger('HomeAssistant-SmartHome')
_logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG if _debug else logging.INFO)

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    """Handle incoming Alexa directive."""
    _logger.debug('Event: %s', event)

    base_url = os.environ.get('BASE_URL')
    assert base_url is not None, 'Please set BASE_URL environment variable'

    directive = event.get('directive')
    assert directive is not None, 'Malformatted request - missing directive'
    assert directive.get('header', {}).get('payloadVersion') == '3', \
        'Only support payloadVersion == 3'
    scope = directive.get('endpoint', {}).get('scope')
    if scope is None:
        # token is in grantee for Linking directive 
        scope = directive.get('payload', {}).get('grantee')
    if scope is None:
        # token is in payload for Discovery directive 
        scope = directive.get('payload', {}).get('scope')
    assert scope is not None, 'Malformatted request - missing endpoint.scope'
    assert scope.get('type') == 'BearerToken', 'Only support BearerToken'

    token = scope.get('token')
    if token is None and _debug:
        token = os.environ.get('LONG_LIVED_ACCESS_TOKEN')  # only for debug purpose
    verify_ssl = not bool(os.environ.get('NOT_VERIFY_SSL'))
    http = urllib3.PoolManager(
        cert_reqs='CERT_REQUIRED' if verify_ssl else 'CERT_NONE',
        timeout=urllib3.Timeout(connect=2.0, read=10.0)
    response = http.request(
            'Authorization': 'Bearer {}'.format(token),
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    if response.status >= 400:
        return {
            'event': {
                'payload': {
                    'type': 'INVALID_AUTHORIZATION_CREDENTIAL' 
                            if response.status in (401, 403) else 'INTERNAL_ERROR',
    return json.loads('utf-8'))

This is the code for the Test Event:

  "directive": {
    "header": {
      "namespace": "Alexa.Discovery",
      "name": "Discover",
      "payloadVersion": "3",
      "messageId": "1bd5d003-31b9-476f-ad03-71d471922820"
    "payload": {
      "scope": {
        "type": "BearerToken",
        "token": "wmaieQ0KeXGVtFdaQw_nlJMOkrMA3kn6t4qwFGjnG9kjj"

This is the response:

  "event": {
    "payload": {
      "type": "INTERNAL_ERROR",
      "message": "404: Not Found"

I changed my domain to Cloudflare and since then all my Alexa stuff is broken.

Alexa Custom Skills
Alexa Control Devices
Alexa Flash Briefing

Tried to change DNS entry from proxied to direct and given the old IP address. Didn’t work.
I thought maybe Alexa cannot work with proxied redirect…

Now move back to my old DNS Record at my provider and see what happen when this is back again.
DNS Nameserver change is in process now

Now everything is working again. Linked the skills after the name servers went done.

What I will try now is unlink all skills and change to Cloudflare, Wait 1 day and then try to link the skills.
Because after changing back to old name servers Alexa was also unable to link. So Its take some time…

Alexa works perfectly with Cloudflare and NGINX.
Cloudflare can take up to 2 days to propagate your domain.
Have you configured SSL on Cloudflare and created a source certificate for the server?
Also make sure that you have the emulated_hue from configuration.yaml on port 80 and that no other services are using that port.

I have the exact same error using CloudFlare. Is your issue resolved? Is it an issue with Cloudflare propagating your domain?

same issue, same error, any news about this ?
i guess this is some block rule coming from cloudflare.

I am just trying this out and I also face problems.

Skill is created and linked with account but no devices are detected by Alexa.

Any help is appreciated

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Just set up everything again and all seems to work. make sure your regions are set correctly and make read the instructions carefully on where / should be and should not be.

Same issue as Fotis_Kanellopoulos’s. Exactly. Any ideas?

I also can’t manage to link my alexa skill to home assistant since I move to cloudflared.

I was only able to connect alexa to HA again by repeating the entire process. That is, new skill, new lambda function, new long lived access token… Everything