Alexa Integration with Multiple Alexa Profiles

My wife kept complaining that none of our devices are working with Alexa. Every time I tested it, it would work without any problems at all.

After a little investigation, I figured that the Echo/Alexa in my office is on my profile and all the other Alexa devices are using my wife’s profile. My wife’s profile apparently doesn’t have the HA skill enabled.

When enabling the skill on my wife’s profile, do I use her HA login or do I use my Nabu Casa login?

What did you use when you access HA from an outside source? What does she use when she’s not at home and accesses your HA?

She uses her own HA login. I haven’t tested her iOS HA app to see if she can login remotely. I probably should do that.

Do that, and then use what that is.

FWIW, I created a separate login for home assistant and alexa. So home assistant knows alexa is what is performing the actions instead of me or my wife.

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She was able to log in that way. The idea of creating a separate Alexa login is a great one. I think I’ll do that and use that login for both Alexa profiles.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Nevermind. I created a separate account for Alexa, but when I disabled and reenabled my Alexa skill, it requested by Nabu Casa email address/password. So I guess I’ll have to use that for both.

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I would love to do this too. Since it hasn’t worked for @ericnix (BTW, good to see you here too, I often see your posts on Unifi forums), can you provide more details on how you accomplished it? Given the required teardown, I would rather avoid the trial and error to figure it out. Thanks!