Alexa integration without HA cloud with NordVPN Static IP?

Hi All,

First of all: I’ve tried searching for a solution before posting but couldn’t find anything useful.

I also have a NordVPN account with Static IP. Is it possible to activate Alexa and remote access with this setup? I couldn’t find any guide on how to connect my HA with my NordVPN account and especially configure it to use the Static IP assigned to me.

Thank you for your help!

I am not sure what you mean by “activate” alexa, but I am able to trigger Alexa commands and make Alexa make announcements and stay stuff from ha

i can also have alexa activate scripts and therefore control entities on ha.

is that what you mean? or something else? I’m unsure how static ip or vpn impacts anything

Thank you for your response!

Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve read that I either must use the paid service from NabuCasa to have Alexa voice commands activated on my HA and have remote access or I need to make my HA accessible from outside with a static IP. Isn’t that true? In other words: do I need to have the paid HA cloud service from NabuCasa to use Alexa voice commands and access my HA remotely?

nanucasa makes a lot of things like that easy and arguably more secure. you can configure remote access yourself via vpn or ddns. A static ip helps but ddns is the solution if you don’t have a static ip

invocation from and to alexa is also possible for a number of things… it has limitations and is arguably a bit hacky in spots… alexa access isn’t a simple yes or no.