Alexa is deprecating the Todoist Shopping List/Tasks integration!

The Verge:
A post on Amazon’s developer site says it's shutting down access to Alexa Shopping and To-Do lists on July 1st.
The Verge

What do we do? I use Alexa to add things to my shopping list or task lists all the time! I don’t know how to develop Alexa things or HA things.

First, take a deep breath! :laughing:

Everything will be fine, because Home Assistant already has Assist. You can already add things to the built-in shopping or to-do lists via Assist. It’s just a different device you need to speak to.

In a nutshell: you need new mics and speakers, probably flashed with ESPHome. All other things necessary, like the function to add things to your shopping list, are already built-in in Home Assistant.

What you will be loosing is the money you invested in Alexa. But that’s what you get with closed source devices, that seem cheap at first. :slight_smile: Sorry to say!