Alexa keeps finding hue emulated devices that I deactivated


I used the hue emulation by putting “emulated_hue:” into my configuration.yaml Alexa found all the devices like she should. Now I want to deactivate it and removed it from my configuration file and also told Alexa on the website to forget (remove) all devices.

As soon as I make Alexa search for new devices, however, it finds all devices again that were emulated before (but are not any longer). It is not even possible to control these newly devices with Alexa as she says that the devices are not responding. Which makes sense since hue emulation has been deactivated.

But still, how can I make her to not find the devices anymore? I just don’t get it where these “dead” devices are saved that they keep coming up since hue emulation is deactivated.

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…so was emulated_hue: totally removed from config or just certain devices?
Did you restart after? Usually removing all from the amazon Alexa website works well for me…
try the link mentioned in the docs to see what devices are showing if any.

Also make sure if your config still exists for certain devices that “expose_by_default” is false … it is true by default.

They are cached on alexa’s side. Try removing them through a browser.

yes, emulated_hue: was totally removed and I made sure it was not running by using this from the integration website: http://:80/api/pi/lights

I’ve already tried removing it several times from the browser but the devices still coming back all the time I search again. I even let 24 hours pass before searching again after I deleted them through the browser.

here’s a post about clearing alexa’s discovery cache.

Try everything in that thread, if that doesn’t work. :man_shrugging: Either way, the issue is on Alexa’s side.