Alexa light ring notification

Hi there,
for my waste calendar i look for a notification methode to activate the light ring on my echos.

Access to the function of the light ring seems to be restricted by Amazon, I’ve seen a couple skills that can turn it on and off but they were limited to a single blue color.

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I use the notify me skill. It will create a yellow ring notification on Alexa that pulses yellow until you say "Alexa, what is my notification "

You have to post to an API for it to work. A lot of the negative reviews are from people that can’t figure that out.

I use it with node red, which makes sending the notification easy by just having it be whatever is the msg.payload. an example is if my garage doesn’t close it notifies me. Here’s the node red part, it works well for me.


I came from germany and the thomptronics skill is not availabe in the german store.
i can use plummet

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