Alexa List API to be deprecated July 1st 2024

Hi, you may be aware that Amazon will shut down their List API on July 1st 2024. This is bad as the Echo devices serve as a convenient endpoint to add stuff to all sorts of lists including integrations with Todoist, Bring and therefore HA.

Any way around this?

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Also interested in new solutions for this

Same. It’s going to be super disruptive for our household as we use alexa for shopping list integration…

You can use Bring, but you have to relearn yourself to say “ask Bring to add X to the list”. It has a HA integration and is unaffected by the list API deprecation.

We used to use Bring with Google home before they shuttered their lists, but the Bring Alexa skill isn’t available in my country even though I’ve asked them for it many many times. We shifted to anylist.
Trying to convince my partner to say “ask to add X to the shopping list” is going to be near impossible given I can’t even convince them to say “alexa, turn the lights on” using plural “lights” instead of singular “light” because alexa doesn’t recognise the singular word.

it definitely sucks. We’re still coasting on the default Alexa lists thing and relearning will be a bitch