Alexa loosing sync with some devices (nabucasa)

I have a working instance of HA with Nabucasa for a while and after the last update, I noticed that some devices is not responding or missing from Alexa (shared by Home Assistant using nabucasa cloud).
After that, I have remove and reinstalled the Home Assistant Skill…I have also removed and configured again Nabucasa and devices on my HA instance, but still not getting some devices.

For now, I can’t get my TV Room light to appers on Alexa. The id on HA is light.sala and it was working before, for a long time…
Now, after removing and installing HA Alexa Skill again, it even appears as device on Alexa…BUT if I change the id on HA (from light.sala to light.sala2, for example), it works and is discovered by Alexa again!
How can I debug and possible solve this issue?
I would like to keep my current Id’s for my devices in HA.

I also have disabled void assistant in each device in my HA and enabled again, still same problem.
I could not find anything related to Alexa in log’s.
Any tips?