Alexa Media Player captcha

Can anyone tell me if the Alexa Media Play custom configuration still works as of 9/28/19?

I got this mostly configured, but according to the log, it is prompting for either a cookie or a captcha response, but nothing is appearing in the lovelace console for me to respond to.


You should get a notification in Lovelace to complete the login/Captcha. Try restarting?

It’s working for me as a TTS/announce service, but I haven’t had to re-do the Captcha in a while.


I’ve restarted several times, and I see nothing appearing in Lovelace that I can respond to. Does something appear in the Notifications section? If not, where?

I’m running HA via a docker container. Not sure of that has any effect.

The captcha will appear in the Notifications tab, in the side panel of HA.

There is already a dedicated thread to this custom component with 1000’s of comments, please don’t start a new thread. If you have a specific issue, log an issue on the github, or ask in the original thread.

Original thread HERE

Well, actually, that was not the case for me.

I only found this by drilling down into Configuration, Integration, Plus sign to add a new one, and then by selecting Alexa.

And, because these APIs can be a moving target, it was impossible to tell if that 1,000 item thread was still current.

You have to install the component first, or, you won’t get a captcha, obviously.

When this component is correctly installed, and you have added the correct configuration to your HA instance, the captcha will appear where I suggested it will.



I thought by dropping this custom Alexa component into the custom_component directory, and rebooting twice (as advised), it was detected and installed. But, apparently not the case.

Thanks for replying.

Dropping the files into that directory isn’t enough - you also need to configure it based on the instructions. Here’s that part of the documentation:

Just wanted to let you guys know that it is now working. Thanks for the help!

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How did you make it to work? I have same issue with YAML running on a RPI

Solved it: The .translate folder was not downloaded from Git for some reason, had to copy it manually