Alexa Media Player, notify not working on all (working) devices!?

Hi there,

I’m a newbie and I’m trying to gather everything I need to set up automations. TTS / notifications to my alexa echos and alexa sonos is of course a major part in this.

HA and Alexa Media Player setup and running current versions.

In this case I’m using notify with “announce” type to a couple of devices:

service: notify.alexa_media
  message: Testnachricht
    type: announce
    - media_player.echo_wc
    - media_player.echo_bad
    - media_player.echo_jonas
    - media_player.sonos_arc
    - media_player.sonos_move_2

Most of them do play the message - but not all of them!
In this example, I don’t get a notification on media_player.sonos_move_2, even so the device is working and I can control this entity using the HA player UI.
I do have a problem with another sonos devices, controlled by alexa. So all echos do work, one Sonos does work to (arc) two Sonos don’t work (move and one)

The problem is the same when using play_media

I can’t find the reason (for 2 days now).
Any help would be highly appreciated!


ok, my fault everything is working as expected. just forgot to turn alexa on on the fire hd tablets :joy: :crazy_face: but im currently only using notfifications and no announcements…

hey, have you found a solution for this problem?
i have a quite similar issue with alexa media player and notifications.
owning some echos which are working and also three fire hd tablets as wall panels.
one of them is an 7th generation and two of them are 10th generation.
the 7th generation plays the notification. the two 10th generation not.
in the alexa app i can see that there was a from a routine initiated activity but without payload. just a simple “” as payload and nothing else.