Alexa - Mode Controller - Harmony Hub

Hello there,

first about my use case:
Im coming from openHAB and are very new to home assistant. Setting every thing up were surprisingly easy and intuitive. Really nice job there!
One problem i had though was setting up home assistant with alexa. I know i can create virtual devices, scripts etc. to accomplish that, but that’s not really what i want. I would like to create an alexa configuration so alexa knows what states the harmony hub has and is able to switch between those states.

Ok, so much about my use case. Since i did not find any possible solution to this problem, i decided to check whats need to add this to home assistant. I know a little bit about the protocoll alexa uses and are also able to write some code. After reading the code and some documentation i noticed that almost everything is already implemented and the changes needed would be small. But since im very new to home assistant i wanted to ask a few questions before i set up an development environment and start programming.

  1. Is there maybe already an solution i did not find?
  2. Is somebody already working on that feature?
  3. Is there a reason that only the fan and the cover domain where implemented for the mode controller?
  4. Are there disadvantages in making the remote domain available for alexa?

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And does the Harmony skill for Alexa not work for you? What’s missing for your use case?

Indeed that would be possible, but I would like to avoid using the company‘s Alexa skill.
I want to be able to run every thing via home assistant so I have as much control as possible about what’s happening.
Also i don’t want to depend on the company‘s server.