Alexa Moods for Phillips Hue Bulbs

Hi All,

I have some phillips hue bulbs connected to HA which i can control from Alexa via the the emulated hue bridge.

I can turn the bulbs on or off and set the dim level just fine by saying something like: “Alexa, turn off the Living Room Lights”.

But as of yet (and I’ve had these set up for several months) I’ve not found a way to change the mood for either the group of bulbs, or a single bulb.

I’ve tried combinations around the phrase: “Alexa, turn on Energize on the Living Room Lights”, but to no avail.

Is anyone aware whether moods are supported via the emulated hue bridge, and if so, what the appropriate voice command might be?

Perhaps there’s some additional confiuration needed?

It’s not. At best you could expose an automation which triggered a scene that had the appropriate settings for the bulb.

Kinda hackey but should do the job.

I have hue direct in alexa where only the lights show up.
In HA i have hue where also the scenes and recepts appear.
via emulated_hue i let the scenes show up.
when i let alexa discover devices the lights show up via hue and the scenes/recepts show up via emulated_hue.
“Alexa, turn on Energize on the Living Room Lights” works perfect here.