Alexa, nabu-casa all devices removed - how to get back


I have removed all the devices from Alexa application level. Now I would like to bring them back. How to do it? When I try to run device discovery, no devices are found. Looks like all those devices which were discovered earlier and removed cannot be used any more.
Is there any way to somehow reset this “removed” state for all those devices?

thank you

I’m here for the exact same situation. Did you ever have any success fixing this?

If you go into Configuration>Home Assistant Cloud there is an Alexa section. You can either choose your entities by going into Manage Entities or just sync what’s already there by clicking on Sync Entities To Amazon. That should repopulate the entities to Alexa.

I think you’ll find that should is the key word here. I have tried that multiple times, and also gone in and changed the entities that ‘should’ sync, but nothing ever does. Alexa says it finds no new devices, and there’s no feedback from the HA end at all when doing this.

I have previously done this, but it’s not working at all right now.

Discovery never works for me, devices just repopluate automatically in my setup (which is frustrating on a whole other level).

One other thing to try (I’m not sure if you’ve done this yet or not) is to remove the HA skill from your Alexa app, wait about 5-10 minutes for the AWS caches to clear and then re-add it again.

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I usually see a message from the Alexa app saying ‘device xyz is now available in Alexa’. I hadn’t thought of killing it off on the Amazon end yet. I did just disable it in HA and then re-enable it, to no avail.

Let’s see what happens!

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That did not work. I disabled the skill, waited nearly 30 minutes before re-enabling it, then scanned for new devices and it found nothing.