Alexa never matches what I ask for to a device

I’ve linked Alexa to Home Assistant via Nabu Casa and all my devices show up nicely, with the correct names and respond well to touchscreen controls - however the moment I start asking Alexa by voice to turn lights on it seems to have a meltdown.
For example:

“Alexa, turn on David’s Bedside Lamp”
“Did you mean ‘AVR’”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t find a group or device called ‘David’s Flip 4’”

What the heck? Has anyone experienced anything similar?
I appreciate that all the voice recognition stuff is being done by Alexa, but is there a chance that something in my Home Assistant setup is confusing things - such as the entity names or something? I know I’m grasping at straws here, but it just doesn’t make sense!

  • David