Alexa on Nabu Casa ignoring Scripts

I am trying to get some of my scripts to wok with Alexa, but she is ignoring me!

I am saying “Alexa, Boost Hive 120” which is the name of a working script and that has been synced to Alexa Scenes

boost hive 120
script.boost_hive_120 via Home Assistant

What am I doing wrong or is there something amiss - switch and sensors work.

Many thanks

I don’t use nabu casa, but, using Haaska, I have to say the equivalent of “Alexa, turn on Boost Hive 120”. I think this is because scripts are seen as “scenes”.

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Thank you @Didgeridrew this worked perfectly.

Is there anyway I can change “turn on” to something else

You can define a routine in the Alexa app. Then you can say anything and get Alexa to do anything you could have done with voice.

I have “Alexa, flush the toilet” which then becomes Turn on the toilet which again is an MQTT based switch that resets itself

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Thanks Kenneth. Worked like a dream!