"Alexa, open cover" is not supported - voice commands doesn't work


I want to control my covers with Alexa.

This needs to be based on the room (alexa group) - like “turn on lights”.
I added the cover to the sleeping room group and when I say alexa, cover to 100% it already uses the right one - that works.
The problem is that I just want to say “cover up” or “open cover” or something like that,
but the answer is always “this command doesn’t work with the device sleeping room cover”


Alexa, Cover to 100%
Alexa, Cover to 0%

Doesn’t Work:

Alexa, close the Cover
Alexa, Cover off
Alexa, Cover on
Alexa, open Cover

The devices is exposed as Cover in the Alexa App.

Is this a limitation of Alexa or is something wrong with my config?

- platform: template
      device_class: shutter
      friendly_name: " Wohnzimmer Rollo" 
      position_template: "{{ states('sensor.living_room_rollo_position') }}"
        - service: rest_command.belt_winder_up
            did: 2 # This is the Device ID also used in sensor.yaml
        - service: rest_command.belt_winder_down
            did: 2 # This is the Device ID also used in sensor.yaml
        - service: rest_command.belt_winder_stop
            did: 2 # This is the Device ID also used in sensor.yaml
        - service: rest_command.belt_winder_set_position
            did: 2 # This is the Device ID also used in sensor.yaml
            position: "{{position}}"
  url: '{{ did }}'
  method: PUT
  payload: '{"name":"POS_UP_CMD"}'
  url: '{{ did }}'
  method: PUT
  payload: '{"name":"POS_DOWN_CMD"}'
  url: '{{ did }}'
  method: PUT
  payload: '{"name":"STOP_CMD"}'
  url: '{{ did }}'
  method: PUT
  payload: '{"name":"GOTO_POS_CMD","value":"{{ 100 - float(position)|int }}"}'



Alexa set cover to xxx%

Alexa turn on/off cover

I remember running into that a long time ago when I first integrated my garage doors. The way I do it is that I set up scripts to open and close the doors. Then in the Alexa app I set routines to call the appropriate scripts when I say “open/close the garage door”. The scripts will be exposed to the Alexa app as scenes.

“Alexa set cover to xxx%” works
“Alexa turn on / off sleeping room cover” works

but turning off and on feels sooo wrong with covers :confused:

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I understand your Idea but you can’t assign a script to a room.

That means you always need to say “the sleeping room cover” or “the kitchen cover” but I wanted to just say “cover” and then the cover in the same room opens. I also just say “Alexa, turn on lights” and not “Alexa, turn on lights in sleeping room”.

But it really seems like there is no solution yet.