Alexa - personID/userID

Wondering if anyone has created a skill, or found a way with media player to have Alexa devices respond to a specific user. So like the following…

  1. using the media player to silently send Alexa a command up input the user who is sending that request


  1. having actionable notification verify the user who is speaking and if not the correct user, to not follow said commands.
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Interested in this too.

@cpd5899 What Alexa-related integrations are you using? I don’t think media player would have a role in this. I’d like to get this to work (at first anyway) with intent_script. I started with this article:

I was finally able to get it working last night. Next step is to figure out how to identify the person speaking, as well as the physical Alexa device that the request is coming from, and feed that information back to HA.

Hi @tgpaul

Were you able to make this work? I couldn’t… It seems SmartHome skill cannot provide information about the user.

If you have any ideas on how to do it, please share with us :slight_smile:

I don’t believe either of the generally used skills have this at the moment. Given the fact that the Alexa skill should be passing person IDs along, I believe it would be possible to alter the events sent to the home assistant from either the Alexa smart home integration, or the Alexa media player custom integration. However, neither integration currently seem to hand or pass this information along.

Yeah, it needs to be written into the skill itself. They have an example on the developer info from Amazon… but I’m totally lost in WHERE and HOW to integrate it into the skill.

Not sure what anyone else thinks, but if the skill passed the info to HA… it would TRULY be a smart home as you could have NR or automation only perform per the user.

Bumping an old thread, curious if anyone’s been able to get personID integrated?


I would be interested to see if anyone was any further forward with this also.