Alexa - Play music only in the room I'm currently in


I have 2 Amazon Echo devices (Dot & Input) and 2 different amplifiers - one in each room.
The Echo Dot is in the living room while the Echo Input is in the bedroom.
There is an option to say in the living room: “Alexa, play music here” to play music only in the living room (Assuming that the second device don’t here this command) ?
Means, I wants that the relevant device will “understand” that the music should be play only in my current location.

In the Alexa app you have that option when you create a group and add an echo to that group.
Down the bottom is setup Preferred Speaker

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your reply.

I means that I want to play music on a specific receiver in each room (not speaker),
Lat’s say, with the same text I wants to run a specific routine, which will play in a specific receiver.


So the dot is connect to the amp how ?

I’m controlling the Pioneer receiver (source & volume) with Pioneer component.
So, when I wants to play music via receiver I’m saying to Alexa “Alexa, play music in the living room”

have a look at this