Alexa recognize cover entity as garage door, but won't let me use "open/close" vocal command


I just setup a cover entity (device_class: gate) that works well in HA, it is recognized by alexa as a garage door (which is fine for me), but when I try to use a vocal command such as “alexa, open gate”, it will respond with “I don’t know that command for such device”.

When I select manually from the alexa app the gate, which is represented as garage_door type, the app doesn’t let me do anything with that: I cannot choose to open or close the gate like any other cover I have.

If I set up an alexa routine, then I can select the gate and choose if I want it open/close.

This seems odd.

In the alexa integration page on hass it is been said that the garage door can be open by voice pin, pin to be set in alexa app, but I have no such option.

Is this common behavior for garage doors in alexa? Could be a localization issue? I know that in Italy, where I am, covers are not fully supported by alexa, but the shutter I set up works just fine.

I am a little bummed about this: I spent a lot of time creating a fully funcional cover entity that support open/opening/closing/closed state using just one rf remote signal, and now I still have to specify different scene for each of the case that the cover entity already can handle.

I call shenanigans on this

thats a Alexa thing it did work

someone put a complain saying it was a security problem that any one could shout “Alexa open garage door”

well I if you SHOUT “Alexa turn on garage door” it open what the …