Alexa room awareness with Home Assistant

I’m looking at possibly switching from Google Home to Alexa/Echo devices, and have a couple set up to test out - can anyone explain if it’s possible to override ‘light’ per room so it doesn’t turn on ALL lights in the room? eg, consider the following setup in the alexa app:-

Group: Living Room
Alexa Device: Living Room Echo Dot
Device: Light
Device: Table Lamp
Device: Floor Lamp

Group: Bedroom
Alexa Device: Bedroom Echo Dot
Device: Bedroom Light
Device: Bedside Lamp

Now, with the above configuration I can be in the living room and say: ‘Alexa, Turn on the light’ and ONLY the main light comes on - which is what I want.
However, if I am in the bedroom and use the same command it turns on BOTH the bedroom light and lamp (since they are both light devices).

So, no problem I thought… I’ll just rename the exposed ‘Bedroom Light’ to ‘Light’ - but if I do that, Alexa stops controlling the light in the living room (even when talking to the Living Room Echo Dot) and turns on/off the bedroom light instead :frowning:
I guess it’s logic is fairly dumb, and it’s just searching for a device called ‘Light’ in all my devices (instead of searching it’s own group first!) - and it just finds the bedroom light first.

Are there any workarounds for this that aren’t super hacky? - I’d like to simply have ‘Light’ controlling the main room light (wherever the command is announced), and control lamps via their own device names.
I guess it would work if I added the room name to all ‘Light’ devices, but that seems a rubbish solution for a ‘smart’ home that should know where I am :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Alexa App you can create rooms and add your lights to that room. Then you can add an alexa device to that room.

Now when you say “Alexa, turn on the light.” it will turn on ALL lights in that room.

Thanks, however as i mentioned - that’s not what i’m after.
I don’t want the room to turn into a lighthouse when I say turn on the light, i just want the main light to respond (and i’ll control lamps etc separately using their own name).
I was hoping its possible to override light selection, by naming the main light device as ‘Light’ but that only appears to work for one room.

this is possible if you use the alexa media player component.
it includes a sensor that notifies the last alexa devise called. you can then use that information in a script to get home assistant to turn that light on.

@juan11perez thanks for the tip - I did some more searching and came across this: which has worked a treat :slight_smile:

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