Alexa Routines, identifying the triggering Alexa Device

“Alexa, what is the temperature in the garage?” I got it working - but it only answers on specified Alexa devices ‘hard coded’ into the HA Script. I want it to answer on the Echo I asked the question to, not every device in the house or a device that I’m not near. Is there any way to capture the triggering device and hand it to the script? Maybe if I use the Lambda implementation?

Set up a last_called_alexa sensor. Be forewarned, over the past few months Amazon has made some changes that have made these sensors less reliable than they used to be. @3ATIVE has a recent video on his youtube channel outlining a nodered method that may be more reliable.


Thanks for the mention @Didgeridrew
Sadly, even my method sometimes sufferers from delays.

There’s not much we can do from our end. Hopefully, Amazon will fix this soon.

I haven’t given up hope and I’m sure I can find another alternative way.