Alexa Routines not triggering Home Assistant

I cannot for the life of me get an Alexa routine to trigger anything in HASS. I’m using the Nabu Casa integration and everything else seems to work flawlessly. I can control all my z-wave and custom devices with no issues at all if i have her do a direct command to them but as soon as i have her perform an action as part of a routine, nothing happens.

Me; Alexa, turn on front porch light.
Alexa : Acknowledgement sound.
Light: Turns on.

i then go set that same action in a routine

Me: Alexa, test front light
Alexa: Acknowledgement sound
Light: Stays turned off

Interestingly i can find tons of people asking questions about having HASS trigger Alexa Routtines but nothing on my specific issue. Has anyone encountered this? Do i have something configured wrong somewhere? If i am missing something please just point me in the right direction because i am at a total loss at this point.

Mind sharing config?

What configuration are you looking to see? My configuration.yml? Happy to supply anything needed, just need to know what to grab.

Just the alexa-related stuff (and maybe/maybe not related automations)

So lets cut this down to the most simple situation possible and leave automations out for now.

I’m sorry but i feel like a complete idiot right now, i’m really not sure what configs you are looking to see. In my configuration.yml you can see:


the integration with Nabu Casa does it’s black magic on the back end to expose everything as devices in the Alexa app. From there i am just creating a routine triggered from a phrase to turn on a light as a test.

To walk through the steps of what i’m doing, i open the Alexa app, hit the hamburger menu, selection routines, add new routine, add action, scroll to smart home and select it, select light, select front port light, ensure power is checked and on is enabled then save. The app displays success and it should take 1 minute to populate, but it never works.

Don’t worry, it’s okay. Also you can do stuff like:

# stuff from

Try rebooting Home Assistant too.

i think your docs actually made me understand whats going on. Ok so randomly the light works now. I think whats happening is the first time i set everything up i didn’t select light from the list of devices, i selected all devices, so i got a duplicate entry for the switch or something random with the same name but not the actual light entity that alexa understands and can communicate with. The last time i did it when i was walking through steps with you i actually selected light.

Ok so now the light works and i went and tested the front door lock, the idea is have the good night routine make sure the front door is locked. It doesn’t respond at all, but i think the issue is that amazon doesn’t know it’s a lock so it has no idea how to interact with it because on my devices list there is no lock domain.

So i think i need to go in to the configuration.yml and setup entries for each device that is being passed to Alexa and give them a domain so she can understand what things are and how to interact with them.

Huge thanks man, will test this more tomorrow and report back

      - light
      - fan
      - lock
      - cover
      name: Front Door
      description: The Front Door Lock.
      display_categories: SMARTLOCK

Alexa is working flawlessly now, i’m not sure how the lock worked before being set this way in everything but routines. Huge thanks for your help in getting me pointed in the right direction… now to go make a million entries for all my devices.

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wondering if this might help me. I purchased a SMONET deadbolt lock. Works with ALEXA and HOMEKIT but does NOT work with Home Assistant. I have ALEXA integration in HA. Is it possible to expose the lock in HA via Alexa or HomeKit? BTW, I use Nabu Casa as well.

Just to add in here. I generally either expose the device and add to an Alexa group with the Alexa in the room to allow for example, Alexa, turn the lights on and she turns them on in the room i am in or create a HA script, expose that to Alexa and set a custom routine to do, for example, Alexa, its movie time. This calls the HA script which dims the lights, turns on the surround amp and sets TV sound output to optic. I have found Alexa to be a bit dumb when trying to do more complex things and this allows me to manage what happens for a certain phrase (you can also add variations to the phrase in alexa routine) in HA.

If you also have the Alexa media custom integration, you can get a sensor that shows last alexa called. I also use this to do location awareness for generic things like turn lamps on. My script can pick up which area the last called Alexa is in and find the lamps entity in that area to turn on. Again, because Alexa is somewhat limited to her level of intellegence with 2 sets of lights in a single room.