Alexa Sensor Data...stuck?

Ive seen a few topics on this but none seem to have answered the question

I have exposed a temperature sensor to the HA cloud for alexa - I have re run discovery on my alexa device and it shows my temperature sensor on the app as “Garage Temperature” I also have a light in here called “Garage Light”

The Alexa iOS app is showing the temperature as F even though HA has it in C. Ive set the Alexa app to display in C. Anyone know why this is?

Also, I cant get alexa to report back the sensor status? I would have assumed as the component is showing in the alexa app just fine I can ask the question “Alexa, whats the Garage Temperature”. But all I get back in response is “Garage lights dosen’t support that”

Can anyone help?

Can anyone Help?..

change the name to “inside garage temperature” to confirm alexa not been able to distinguish between garage light and garage temperature.

I have written a full speech parser for alexa that will report back any entity attribute in HA

But this is a bit of a “sledge hammer” approach for a single sensor :slight_smile:

Thanks! Ill give that a try when I get home and let you know!

Can you explain for me a little more as to what your speech Parser does? If Alexa can already report my sensor status (once i get it working) what does your script do differently? I’ve had a read of your post but not sure I understand it?

As I said a “sledge hammer” , my script will let alexa or google via TTS speak back ANY attribute in HA in plain english , so for instance my script could get alexa to tell you the current brightness of a bulb , the temperature difference between the garage and outside. what lights if any have been left on, etc

I grew up on star trek why use a mouse when you can ask the computer

You were correct with the Naming.

Alexa seems to be getting confused. With it being called “Garage Temperature” in home assistant I worked out that If I said “Alexa, whats the Garage Temperature” it would get confused with the lights. However if I said “Alexa, whats the Garage Temperature Temperature” that would work.

I renamed it to what you suggested and it worked, however I didn’t like this phrase. So I renamed it to “Garage”. This doesn’t seem to confuse it with “Garage Lights” so now I can say. “Alexa, whats the garage temperature” or “Alexa, What is the temperature in the garage”. All of these intents work :slight_smile:


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In a similar case, I had to rename the “Bedroom Temperature” to “Bedroom Thermometer”, so I can say Alexa, what is the temperature of the Bedroom Thermometer ?