Alexa setup with Hue Skills or HA Skills

I’m using Hue Bridge with 20ish lights paired to it, which is then added to HA using the Hue integration. This makes all Hue lights show up in HA which is great and lets me create automation.

Coming to Alexa, I have added Hue as a skill and it picks up all the lights. That allows me to tell Alexa to turn on lights with ease. However, I also have other lights in the house that are paired using Zigbee on HA yellow- at times with the same room that I have Hue lights.

If I add HA skill to Alexa, are all my rooms/lights duplicated as they exist on Hue as well as HA? Trying to figure out the best way to tell Alexa to “Turn on TV Room lights” and all lights that are Hue and HA turn on.

You will always want ‘less hops’

So. From your voice command count back to the light each step it takes.

Alexa command > hue hub? > light

Or Alexa command > HA > hue hub >ligbt

You will use the connection with fewer 'hops: to reduce response lag.

So yes that means you may have duplicates. Go. To the voice assistant section in HA and don’t publish the lights giving duplicates to Alexa from HA

Thanks- your “less hops” exmplanation is a great way of looking at it. I’ll make sure I take that into consideration moving forward.

Coming to duplicates, I have unpublished/not pushed the lights but they continue to show up on Alexa. Any way to make them disappear?