Alexa shuts down on a command


I have configured alexa using intents, they are working and giving me results back via the developer console so I know I’m all good on that front!

I have enabled the dev skill in my Alexa iOS app and have tried to talk to alexa by saying Alexa, ask home assistant to tell me the temperature. Alexa just shuts off when I ask this.

If I ask the same command in the dev console it works fine!

Any one got any ideas why this is? Ive been working on it for hours and cant figure it out! Im literally at the last hurdle before getting it working :frowning:

I think I fixed it

My language by default was set to English US in the dev console for my intent. I had no idea this would cause an issue!!

Deleted the US language and re made the intent with English U.K and it works on my physical device now :slight_smile: yay!