Alexa Skill has stopped working

My Alexa skills that I set up using the steps detailed here has stopped working.

Alexa says: “There was a problem with your requested skill’s response.”

I don’t see any errors in Home Assistant’s logs.

I turned on DEBUG in my lamda function and I think this is the pertinent error:
'error': {'type': 'INVALID_RESPONSE', 'message': 'SpeechletResponse was null'}

But I’m stuck now. Did I miss a breaking change? Two things that I did recently that might have caused the problem:

  • upgraded HA from 2021.3.4 to 2021.5.1
  • changed my Amazon password

Anyone have any pointers?

FWIW: I just logged-out of my Alexa app and logged back in. No change.

I’m having the same issue with 2021.5 or higher. I’ve added some debugging output to the Lambda funtion and what I’m seeing is that HA is not responding to the web request.

If I downgrade to 2021.4.6 the Alexa skills start working again.

I think a bug or unmentioned change was introduced in 2021.5 that caused this to stop working.

FYI - I have the HA Cloud service - all of the “entity” device integrations still work. I can turn on/off entities using the HA Cloud Alexa integration service, but the custom Alexa apps don’t work after upgrading to 2021.5 or higher.

I’m not sure where to report this… I get a bit confused about which component is responsible here. Any thoughts? Should it be reported to Intent Scripts or to Alexa Smart Home?

Submitted issue for Intent Script Alexa Component.

(Lamda function calls /api/alexa )

I’m also having this issue. Adding some debug code to my labda function reveals that the alexa API enpoint in home assistant (/api/alexa) is returning a 404: Not Found.

If you visit it in a browser, It should be returning a 405: Method Not Allowed since the alexa API endpoint is intended to recieve POST requests.