Alexa skill setup woes

Hey guys

I unfortunately lost my config due to a failed file (lesson learnt) but I am really struggling to get this reenabled. I started from scratch and followed the smart skill guide, but i don’t think it is working properly because when i test lambda discovery, all i get is

  "statusCode": 200,
  "body": "\"Hello from Lambda!\""

And not the Alexa discovering devices after i have added my long life access key…

Are there any logs i can enable that will help figure out what the problem is? I’ve enabled the smart skill in alexa web and it connected ok but i am not convinced it is working as my denon receiver is not showing up in there even though it is on my front screen - and everything on lovelace was in alexa last time i had it working…

assistance would be very much appreciated as i really miss having everything connected via alexa (broadlink control in particular) so want to get back up and running asap.