Alexa smart home camera support

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Is there a plan to integrate the cameras into the Alexa skill? Saying commands like “Alexa, show me Camera 1” display the camera feed on any Alexa device with a screen. Especially now that Fire Tablets essentially become Echo Shows, I think this would be a useful feature.

Interested in this as well!

+1 would like to see this, too. Its very hard to add cameras to Echo Show or Echo 5 when they are not official supported. The only way is this monoclecam skill and its not very stable and is not working with ESPhome Camers.

I’d like to have this as well, has there been any progress on this?

I’ve come across this project (goruck/alexa-ip-cam) on GitHub and might be interesting to understand how to include Home Assistant cameras into Alexa.

Otherwise, there’s the official documentation.

I’ll give it a shot whenever I find some time !

any news here?
my camera is in the Skill, but if i ask alexa to show the kamera, she says i dont suppurt this